Participants declare their willingness to be used by Spirit and their fears of loss and resistances.

Michael and David give examples and parables to light the way into life’s Purpose and God’s Calling

David and Michael lead a morning session about allowance of emotions to release the stories of the personality self. Healing abounds and need not be avoided. There is never a need to compromise when healing is the Purpose. ——English with Spanish translation.

David Hoffmeister and Michael Caruana follow up last evening’s movie of “Inception” with a discussion about facing and releasing feelings of chaos. Control, loss of control, comparison, and judgment are topics covered in this morning’s session at La Casa De Milagros in Chapala, Mexico.

True collaboration is not with people, its not in form, it can only be with the Spirit and whatever serves being fully in line with the Spirit will be given, whether that be seeming people, places, things or anything else in form. True collaboration brings us joy and in the miracle. Enjoy this talk with Michael as he sets up one of the prominent themes from the Lego Movie.


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