Welcome to a Mystic’s website



If you have come to find out about who I am what I am about, you won’t find much on this website, you may feel a presence or some inspiration to join, that is what I go with, the warm invitation to join in the truth!

Healing in mind is the only thing I want to join in to reveal who we truly are – a wholly innocent child of God. 

I want the depth, I want to deep dive through the darkness so this darkness can be washed away and reveal what is underneath – the shining, radiant love that we are. Is that what you want? If so lets join! I am very grateful that you are taking the time to look at the site. Humbleness and service to the Spirit is my passion, I am here only to be truly helpful! I am here to be an instrument of peace. The Spirit is speaking to us every moment. It is simply up to us to tune in and follow.

There is no sacrifice, really! Unending joy and peace of mind is the only consequence, I love the consequences!

David and Michael lead a morning session about allowance of emotions to release the stories of the personality self. Healing abounds and need not be avoided. There is never a need to compromise when healing is the Purpose.

.”Messenger of Peace, Michael Caruana, shares with Colin about his spiritual journey. Michael’s love for ACIM and the inspired teachings of David Hoffmeister, shine through in this talk as well as his uncompromising devotion to truth.